We understand that in many projects, business operations must continue during construction, but no objective ever rises above safety. Our first concern on any jobsite is the safety and health of employees, customers, and visitors.

Maintaining indoor air quality during construction is one of our many priorities. Our staff is experienced in all aspects of construction safety and our personnel receive OSHA-recommended training. Every jobsite has a specific safety plan, is inspected daily by supervisors, and is visited frequently by our Director of Safety.

Safety Program Highlights:
• Fall Protection
• Dust control
• Segregate site from all non-
   construction personnel
• Secure job site relative to
   vehicle traffic & curiosity seekers
• Lock & protect construction site
   & related building areas
• Safety signage

"Petra has handled all of the jobs, both large and small, professionally and with a high awareness for safety. Petra staff have always completed the job with little or no impact to the clients."
Jon Beckmann, Plant Engineering
Schick-Wilkinson Sword