Integrated Facility
integrated facility
Building Envelope Audits
Building Envelope

Examples of Audit Areas
• Roof Systems
• Facades
• Windows & Doors
• Storm Water Systems
• Ingress & Egress
• Exterior Lighting
• Exterior Signage
• Infrared Imaging
• Lightning Arrest Systems
• Structural Review
• Maintenance Plan
Conducting regular building envelope audits is one of the least costly components of effective facilities management, while producing what could be the best return on investment. Identifying potential problems and documenting deterioration will allow you to proactively maintain the integrity of your building envelope so that repair work can be planned and budgeted, rather than becoming a more costly emergency repair. Regular inspections and maintenance will also extend the life of your building envelope components and provide a safer facility.

Upon completion of the audit, you will receive a thorough report which documents the condition of each of the building envelope components, and provides recommendations for any necessary work, including a list of any critical issues to be addressed.