Special Projects
On all of our projects, our first concern is always the same. It is the safety and health of building occupants and visitors, as well as that of our employees and subcontractors. We are also extremely conscious of the irreplaceable nature of the contents and structures of these unique projects.

Petra's extensive Safety Program goes beyond industry standards. Our personnel are thoroughly trained in all aspects of construction safety. Every jobsite has a specific safety and health plan, is inspected daily by the jobsite supervisor, and frequently by our Director of Safety.

Safety Program Highlights:
• Electrical safety
• Fall protection
• Dust control
• Segregate site from all non-
   construction personnel
• Secure the job site relative to
   vehicle traffic & curiosity seekers
• Lock & protect construction site
   & related building areas
• Safety signage

"Despite the difficult working conditions, Petra's personnel consistently found remarkable means for completing the work safely and efficiently. In addition, they staffed the project with well-experienced tradesmen who took pride in their work, delivering high quality workmanship."
Mark Taragowski, Building Committee Chairperson and
The Reverend Dwight E. Juliani, Senior Pastor
The First Congregational Church

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