& Utilities
The unique safety programs we've developed over many years of experience working on these highly sensitive facilities go beyond the standards of the industry.

Jobsite staff are thoroughly trained, we are fully aware of Method of Procedure (MOP) requirements, and comply with all owner fire and safety standards. Every jobsite has a specific safety and health plan, is inspected daily by supervisors, and is visited frequently by our Director of Safety.

Safety Program Highlights:
• Always maintain network
• Clean room protocol where
• Dust control
• Lock out/tag out procedures
• Segregate site from all non-
   construction personnel
• Lock & protect construction
   site & owner security areas
• Safety signage
• Client-specific & job-specific

"Given Petra's substantial experience with these types of projects, they managed everything very well, overcame the obstacles and delivered the project on time and on budget, with an outstanding level of quality. I would strongly recommend them for any projects presenting similar complex challenges involving timing, budget constraints and working adjacent functioning critical operations."
National telecommunications company