Petra Construction Corporation offers the following services:

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the development of an electronic model to store and manage building data during the building's life cycle. Three-dimensional modeling software is used to create a very realistic visual representation of the finished project, long before any construction work begins. BIM is transforming the design and construction process through increased levels of collaboration, early problem solving, better construction documentation, and improved building system integration. It generates value for Owners through 3-D visualization and clash detection resulting in fewer RFI's, change orders and schedule delays.


Petra offers in-house BIM capabilities to add value for our clients and allow us to work closely with architects, engineers, and major trade contractors to deliver projects in a very seamless and cost-effective manner. Our extensive use of BIM Services has proven that nearly every project can be better planned and executed through the use of BIM.

We will work with you to determine the approach, support, and services that will best match your project's needs and requirements.