"I realize that for Petra, a project completed on time and within budget is the norm. For me, with over 47 years of experience at two universities and three schools, it is a remarkable exception."


John Wilkinson, Owner's Representative

Saint Thomas More Corporation

Avon Old Farms School

Refectory Kitchen/Classroom Wing

Chapel Haven

Bershaw Boswell Community Center

Choate Rosemary Hall

Hill House Portico

Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology

Culinary Arts Facility

Fairfield University

Bellarmine Museum of Art

Mount Sacred Heart

Provincialate Building

Quinnipiac University

Center for Communications & Engineering

Quinnipiac University

Pine Grove North

Quinnipiac University

Polling Institute

Quinnipiac University

WQUN Radio Station

Ridgefield Academy

Campus Improvements

Saint Thomas More, Catholic Chapel & Center at Yale University

Thomas E. Golden Jr. Center

Smith College

Campus Center Café

University of New Haven

Bartels Student Activity Center

University of New Haven

Bergami Dormitory

University of New Haven

David A. Beckerman Recreation Center

University of New Haven

Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science

Whitby School

Athletic Center

Yale University

87 to 85 Trumbull Street Move

Yale University

Lewis Walpole Library Cowles House

Yale University

Luce Hall

Yale University

SHM L Medical Education Classrooms

Yale University

West Campus Landscape

The projects highlighted above are a sampling of Petra Construction Corporation's education projects experience. To obtain a full list of experience, relevant brochure, or additional information on any of these projects, please contact Diane Petra.