Petra Construction Corporation offers the following services:

Petra performs General Contracting work on an ongoing basis for numerous new construction and renovation projects. We are successful in this method of project delivery given our financial and technical capabilities to perform the work. Our ownership of equipment, purchasing power and our in-house tradespeople allow for us to maintain our competitive advantage.


The term “Design-Bid-Build” is used to refer to a specific project delivery system that utilizes a General Contractor to perform the construction work. Design-Bid-Build refers to a method of project delivery in which the owner procures a design and bid package from an independent designer, uses a competitive procurement process to get bid prices for all work required to build the project as specified, and then selects a General Contractor to build the project on the basis of either Competitive Bid or Best Value.

We will work with you to determine the approach, support, and services that will best match your project's needs and requirements.