"The construction was very difficult, as we had to maintain patient traffic throughout the construction period. Your workers were extremely flexible and worked around us, maintaining a safe and patient-friendly environment in spite of the magnitude and complexity of the construction and the tight space. This was remarkable."


Dr. Helmuth Gahbauer, President MIA, Attending Neuroradiologist

Hospital of Saint Raphael

"Petra's policy on safety is one thing that comes to mind, not only for the fact that I can be sure that I won’t be placed in harm's way, but also that I can request the advice of our in-house Safety Director for any safety situation that may arise, to be sure that the plan of action encompasses everyone's overall safety."


Petra Carpenter

Safety is Petra Construction Corporation's top priority.

Our skilled and trained employees understand Petra Construction Corporation's standards for safety, quality, and codes of conduct, along with the applicable OSHA standards to the level for which they are trained. Training includes OSHA Outreach Training in Construction Safety and our jobsites have site specific safety plans and are inspected frequently by supervisors and our Safety Specialist and Operations Manager.


Petra Construction Corporation is recognized by the Connecticut Construction Industries Association (CCIA) for Excellence in Construction Safety and Health.


The firm has also won multiple awards from construction trade associations including the Connecticut Safety Council for our outstanding safety performance and Associated Builders and Contractors' STEP Silver Award. We work diligently to maintain safe job-sites.


Fulfilling our mission requires attention to quality, productivity, cost control and safety. All four of those areas of concentration are intertwined. Cost control, of course, includes the control of all potential accident costs.


Therefore, in keeping with our mission, we have instituted this policy:


"No job is so important, no service so urgent,

that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely."

Many of our healthcare constructors hold ASHE Health Care Construction Certificates and are members of the American Society for Healthcare Engineering.